About Me

Hello! 👋(ツ)

I’m a lifelong technology enthusiast. I’ve been coding since I was about 11 years old, starting with basic in an old MSX and so that’s what I currently do for a living (coding, not necessarily with an old MSX 😉 ).

The second ever actual program I’ve written by myself, from scratch (and the one I’m most proud of) was hack around the Active Worlds, where I extracted the current position of the player from the window title and used that, plus their bot API, plus a custom server software to overlay a sort-of MMORPG on it.

I’ve worked as an informatics teacher (teaching high-school level programming and software development courses), freelancer (doing all sorts of programming work) before joining Gigatron where I worked on all sorts of interesting projects and in many different roles until mid 2017.

I’m currently working as a contributor to the Decred project and as a freelance consultant and software developer.

Skype: matheus.degiovani

Public Key (0x7A32EB9E)
Fingerprint: EAC7 8CD1 69B1 B10C D404 C53F 47EF 4107 7A32 EB9E

Here are a few blurbs for presentations.