Some interesting stuff I’ve worked on over the years. By no means exhaustive, just a sample of the diversity of work I’ve done.

Split ticket purchasing demo. [Check it out](

Plasma Torch Height Control module. [See the full video](

CAD/CAM suite I developed at Gigatron. In the image, the shoe cad software.

Tangential software module for Gigatron's CAM software. Generates G-Code for cutting leather and syntetic fabric. We also applied this to circular saws (with a twisting axis) and hot wire CNC machines to cut foam.

No fit polygon calculation. One of the steps needed to calculate a nesting (2d irregular packing) solution.

Isometric engine I wrote in Delphi+Directx way back in 2001/2002.

Back in between 2002 and 2006 I was very involved in game programming and Delphi. I used to contribute to GLScene (the leading 3d graphics engine for Delphi way back when). This is a screenshot for the redesign I made for the main page.

The first server I built at ETEC Alcidio, back in 2006/2007. This was an old AMD K6-II that we could spare that would run our intranet portal and network blocking software. This is was our actual gateway/server for about 60 machines (later 140+).

I have also worked on numerous interesting projects that I cannot publicly talk about. But if you’d like to know more, drop me a line .