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My name is Matheus Degiovani and this is my personal website/blog/web presence.

I'm a lifelong technologist currently performing freelance work for Decred and other clients.

If you want to get in touch with me, drop me a line at

In this website you can read an informal introduction about myself, check out my CV (here's some cool stuff I've worked on) or read a few blog posts I eventually manage to write.

Latest Posts

Optimzing my Blog

24 May 2017

What optimization options I did on my blog, to speed up page loading time

I’ve wanted to make a round of optimzations around this site for a while, trying to speed up the loading time of the pages. This website is built with Hugo, so it’s pretty easy to adjust or create a new template for it, while maintaining all existing content. I was originally using the awesome Hugo-Geo theme, but I was a bit unhappy with the fact that imports the whole bootstrap framework, so I wanted to slim it down a bit. ... Read More

Simulating limited networks with Wanem and VirtualBox

9 May 2017

How to configure Wanem and VirtualBox for network simulation including latency and bandwidth restrictions

This will be an article written to future-me, when he needs to simulate a network with limited bandwidth and latency for the nth time and can’t easily find the exact software to do it. This is the premise of the problem: you are developing a software (web, desktop, mobile, doesn’t matter which kind) and need to simulate a low bandwidth connection (maybe you’re testing a desktop software running through an internet VPN). ... Read More

Apresentação: Workshop Decred

7 May 2017

Uma pequena apresentação/workshop sobre bitcoin, altcoins e decred

O pessoal na Gigatron tem me perguntado bastante sobre bitcoins e altcoins e como eu comentei sobre o Decred, resolvi fazer uma pequena introdução sobre como, na prática, é possível investir em bitcoins. Os slides da apresentação estão disponíveis aqui no site. Curiosidade: essa apresentação foi construída com o Reveal.js.

Analisando tempo de startup de aplicações Delphi

16 December 2016

Um post-mortem com a técnica que eu usei para detectar os pontos de lentidão em um sistema Delphi grande.

Introdução do problema Recentemente eu realizei um trabalho de refactoring em um dos sistemas da Gigatron para melhorar o tempo de startup do software. Nesse caso em particular, o software é construído em Delphi e é um dos maiores projetos (em quantidade de código) que temos internamente. Nesse artigo eu vou relatar a técnica que utilizei para identificar os pontos chave para otimização do programa e algumas das melhorias implementadas. ... Read More

Increasing Win10 OVA HD Size

7 October 2016

How to increase the main partition size of an official Windows IE VirtualBox Appliance

Microsoft has kindly released Virtual Machine Appliances for testing web sites using Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer versions 8 to 11. These VMs are also useful to test other software on a clean-slate VM. But sometimes, the amount of HD available on the main partition of the appliance (40GB total, about 9GB free) is not enough for a particular use case. So, if you need to resize a VirtualBox Windows appliance, here’s what you should do: ... Read More

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