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My name is Matheus Degiovani and this is my personal website/blog/web presence.

I'm a lifelong technologist currently performing freelance work for Decred and other clients.

If you want to get in touch with me, drop me a line at

In this website you can read an informal introduction about myself, check out my CV (here's some cool stuff I've worked on) or read a few blog posts I eventually manage to write.

Latest Posts

Increasing Win10 OVA HD Size

7 October 2016

How to increase the main partition size of an official Windows IE VirtualBox Appliance

Microsoft has kindly released Virtual Machine Appliances for testing web sites using Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer versions 8 to 11. These VMs are also useful to test other software on a clean-slate VM. But sometimes, the amount of HD available on the main partition of the appliance (40GB total, about 9GB free) is not enough for a particular use case. So, if you need to resize a VirtualBox Windows appliance, here’s what you should do: ... Read More

PID Javascript demo

13 May 2015

A tutorial on how to build a PID loop with javascript

Back at the end of 2014 I had to give some brief instructions on how PID loops work. Working at Gigatron at our CNC division, I had to understand, design and configure several PID loops on several types of machines over the years (plasma cutters, routers, etc). From the point of view of an experienced programmer, PID loops are pretty obvious (if not immediatly, at least in retrospect). In fact, in LinuxCNC the important bit is implemented as a single line of code: ... Read More

My CS Conclusion Thesis

26 February 2015

An introduction to the conclusion thesis I wrote for my BSc in CS

This was my conclusion thesis for my BsC in Computer Science at Universidade de Franca written in 2005. Back in the day was I really interested in 3d on the web. Second life was at the height of its hype, I had been involved in Active Worlds (a previous 3d web experience) and MMORPGs for the previous five or so years, so a fully peer-to-peer 3d world based on web standards (X3D, the successor to VRML) seemed like an interesting topic. ... Read More

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