2022-10-27OP_PEEL: Unilaterally exitable coin poolsAn idea for an opcode that improves upon MRTTREE fund pools.decred multi-owner tickets
2019-11-11Split Tickets & LN Part 1 - MRTTREEThe first part on how to provide split ticket services via LN by defining a new smart contract structure called MRTTREE (Multi-Redeemer Transactions Tree).decred ln split tickets
2019-11-11Split Tickets & LN Part 2 - Handling Stake TransactionsSecond part of a series detailing the plan for LN-based multi-owner tickets in Decred. This shows how to use the MRTTREE to generate split tickets and talks about other stake-related issues.decred ln split tickets
2019-11-11Split Tickets & LN Part 3 - Changes to the Layout of Ticket TransactionsThird post on building multi-owner tickets in LN. This talks about possible future changes of the staking system.decred ln split tickets
2019-11-11Split Tickets & LN Part 4 - SummaryFourth and last post with an overview of the proposed solution for multi-owner tickets over LN in Decred.decred ln split tickets
2019-04-25Decred wants you: Be one of the first to test the DCR Lightning NetworkDecred's Lightning Network is now available on testnet! Learn about how to participate and contribute to the project.lang:en decred ln lightning-network
2019-02-07DCP0004 or "On RCs and fully testing consensus changes"DCP0004 has been released for stakeholder review. But why is it needed? This explores the need for writing this consensus rule change.lang:en decred consensus
2018-03-30Challenges of Decred Ticket SplittingA discussion of the challenges and requirements for splitting the ticket purchases of Decredlang:en decred criptocurrency
2018-01-11Pilha Tecnológica das Criptomoedas 3 - Rede DistribuídaTerceiro artigo na série sobre tecnologia de criptomoedas, abordando a rede distribuída de troca de informaçõeslang:pt-br decred bitcoin criptomoedas
2017-12-15Pilha Tecnológica de Criptomoedas 2 - BlockchainSegundo artigo na série sobre tecnologia de criptomoedas, abordando a blockchainlang:pt-br decred bitcoin criptomoedas
2017-12-08A Pilha Tecnológica das CriptomoedasPrimeiro artigo sobre as tecnologias aplicadas na construção de uma criptomoeda como Bitcoin ou Decredlang:pt-br criptomoedas decred bitcoin
2017-11-23Forks e Ativação DCP 2&3 na DecredUma pequena explicação sobre o que muda com a ativação das DCPs 0002 e 0003 na rede Decred.lang:pt-br decred criptomoedas
2017-07-11Diário Qubes OS 04 - Compartilhamento de tela onlineQuarto artigo sobre Qubes OS mostrando como construir um sistema de compartilhamento de telalang:pt-br qubes-os
2017-07-07Diário Qubes OS 03 - Yubikey e VM WindowsTerceiro artigo sobre o Qubes OS - usando a U2F Yubikey e o Windowslang:pt-br qubes-os
2017-06-23Diário Qubes OS 02 - Primeiras impresõesPrimeiras impressões e testes após instalação do Qubes OSlang:pt-br qubes-os
2017-06-19Diário Qubes OS 01 - Deixando o WindowsPrimeiro post sobre o Qubes OS - porque estou saindo do Windows e porque escolhi o Qubeslang:pt-br qubes-os
2017-05-24Optimzing my BlogWhat optimization options I did on my blog, to speed up page loading timelang:en javascript html css hugo
2017-05-09Simulating limited networks with Wanem and VirtualBoxHow to configure Wanem and VirtualBox for network simulation including latency and bandwidth restrictionslang:en virtualbox wanem network
2017-05-07Apresentação: Workshop DecredUma pequena apresentação/workshop sobre bitcoin, altcoins e decredlang:pt-br decred
2016-12-16Analisando tempo de startup de aplicações DelphiUm post-mortem com a técnica que eu usei para detectar os pontos de lentidão em um sistema Delphi grande.lang:pt-br delphi profiling
2016-10-07Increasing Win10 OVA HD SizeHow to increase the main partition size of an official Windows IE VirtualBox Appliancelang:en virtualization
2015-05-13PID Javascript demoA tutorial on how to build a PID loop with javascriptlang:en javascript
2015-02-26My CS Conclusion ThesisAn introduction to the conclusion thesis I wrote for my BSc in CSlang:en